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Wellness & Fitness Product Development

Engaging and effective apps your customers will adore

Engaging and effective apps your customers will adore

TWS's developers apply outstanding skill sets and think outside the box to design the most efficient and beneficial solutions for your individual and corporate clients. We deliver fitness products that stand out among competitors.

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Gym Management and Logistics

Capitalize on modern enterprise software solutions:

  • Manage your fitness business online
  • Use gym instruction & loyalty apps
  • Track user engagement
  • Monitor supply chain remotely
  • Adopt smart equipment
  • Gamify employee experience
Gym Management


Create innovative on-demand apps for fitness professionals that support:

  • Training goals and actual performance comparison
  • Group/individual video classes
  • Online consultations and social media chats
  • Event organizing & streaming


Help people keep fit with digital wellness platforms that drive results from day one:

  • Custom gym training programs & online exercises
  • Yoga studios
  • Geo-trackers & Intelligent AI
  • AR/VR/MR & Wearables
  • Video tutorials
  • Logbooks

Nutrition & Well-being Tracking

Empower users to hit their eating and nutrition goals with:

  • Weight and calories calculators
  • AI meal planners
  • Healthy recipes
  • 24/7 online consultations
  • Diet trackers
  • Gratitude journals
  • Social forums
Nutrition & Well-being Tracking

Personal Fitness

Digitize your wellness business with user-friendly solutions:

  • Personal trainer apps
  • Real-time activity trackers
  • Planners & timers
  • At-home training programs
  • AI advisers
  • Mental health apps
  • Sleep, mood & fertility trackers
Personal Fitness

We help your business with the following services:

  • Risk and business analysis
  • Solutions that unlock new value streams
  • App features to help you reach more audience
  • Affordable end-to-end development
  • QA & Multi-device synchronization
  • Big data analytics to improve business performance
  • Software monetization practices
  • Automation & IoT integration
  • Wellness content platforms from scratch
  • Integration with 3rd party data/service providers
  • Personalization & Gamification
  • Maintenance & Support

Why get your foot in the door with TWS?

  • Hands-on niche expertise backed by a portfolio
  • On time delivery & Resource scalability
  • Open, clear communication and transparent processes
  • Extensive human and tech capabilities
  • Analytics-based customization for your new or existing products
  • Constant pre- and post-launch support

ZIVA Fitness Nation

ZIVA Fitness Nation

An outstanding communication and e-commerce platform for Europe's biggest fitness community. ZIVA is loved and widely used by fitness experts and studio operators. The app's features include the online shop, exercise tutorials library, performance tracking system, community for enthusiasts, and a robust search engine.

Tech Stack


Team Size

10 people in a team

Project Duration

1.5 years

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We serve:

  • Fitness Companies and Clubs
  • Wellness & Mental Health Startups
  • Private Entrepreneurs & Communities
  • Sports Centers & Gyms
  • Healthcare and Rehabilitation facilities
  • Hotels & Resorts

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