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We are a team of experts with an extensive background in software development.
We deliver a full-range of skill-sets to meet your needs up and down the stack, including front / back end development, system administration, project management and QA.

We care about developing genuine, ongoing relationships with our clients based on our accuracy, professionalism and ethics.


Front and back end development, AWS infrastructure design, DevOps automation, Linux server administration, project planning, management and quality assurance.

Project Managment

We provide a complete set of management services from initiation to completion of a project. If you are missing milestones or lacking momentum we will be there to get your project back on track.

Web Development

We translate business requirements into technical solutions. And yes, we are fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability.

Infrastructure Support

We help clients harness the power of DevOps, using our special technical expertise and vast experience. You will be able to control, manage, and optimize delivery pipelines, enjoying high speed, scalability and general excellence of your infrastructure and its compliance with various standards.

About Us

What Our Clients Say...

Oleksandr and his team helped with our work on a timely manner, provided excellent communication, adherence to deadlines and went above and beyond the scope of the project. They are true gentlemen's, never over clock, always ensure that they stick to the budget and plan that was set out with no drama. Encase of R&D, they would do it on their own accord and time without billing the hours. They are true professionals and I highly recommend any employer seeking assistance to have them on their team. I look forward to working with Oleksandr and Olexey again soon!
Oct 2017

Marcus Arkan, Founder/CEO

Oleksandr has great work ethic and very good communication skills. He took some very complex ideas and programmed them out for us with excellent quality. He often went above and beyond the call of duty working on call if wed needed him. He is very responsible and responsive. Jan 2017

Joel Therien, CEO

I had the pleasure of working & learning with them. They were the first company I worked with and built a strong relationship. They was dependable & reliable to go above & beyond expectations when needed to get the required work complete. Jan 2017

Melissa Cohoe, Project Manager

Olexey is a total professional. Really knows everything that is required to get the job done and more. Several times during the contract Olexey was given short notice about problems that we were experiencing and in each case he responded with super speed and efficiency. There was not a single task or issue that Olexey couldn't resolve with ease and superior communication while performing the task. Unfortunately the contract has to come to an end but I would definitely rehire again. Thanks for all your support. Jan 2016

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Kharkiv city, Nauky ave. 40
61000, Ukraine