Healthcare Product Development

TWS mHealth engineers design, build, support, and evolve medical applications in full compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. We deliver cutting-edge solutions that help you provide the best patient care and unmatched employee experience.

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High-quality telecom solutions that increase patient satisfaction and reduce your staff overloads or appointment delays.

Remote healthcare for:

  • Chronic diseases & strokes
  • Primary, nursing & acute care
  • Neurology & mental health

Medical Hardware Programming

Future-proof remote patient monitoring with smart devices to accelerate response time and diagnosis.

IoT architecture designed for:

  • Real-time tracking & automated data analysis
  • Easy device configuration
  • Adoption of wearables

Clinic management

Value-bringing platforms that improve and automate your healthcare facility management.

Software for:

  • Quality and efficiency of care improvement
  • Medical workflows optimization
  • Better inventory & supply management

Electronic Health Records

Leverage intuitive, interoperable EHR/EMRs that meet regulatory laws and automate health data collection.

Cloud or on-premises systems that:

  • Improve clinical decision-making
  • Integrate with patient apps
  • Boost staff efficiency

Personal Healthcare

Harness the full power of medical apps for patients' personal use to improve systematic, non-urgent care.

Apps that help:

  • Create treatment plans
  • Manage diseases & rehabilitation
  • Get e-prescriptions & search for doctors

Custom Software

Create your own products to take healthcare to the next level.

Industry 4.0 systems:

  • AI & VR implementation
  • Document digitization
  • Security & Compliance
  • 24/7 vitals monitoring
  • Big data analytics
  • Automated reports generation

What we can do for you:

  • Market and business analysis
  • Idea and concept creation
  • Architecture design and development
  • API integrations
  • MVP
  • Cloud and automation services
  • Full-scope software engineering
  • UX/UI design (wireframes, prototyping, mockups)
  • Compliance management from start to finish
  • Post-release support and maintenance

Benefits of developing healthcare products with TWS

  • Cost reduction and timely delivery
  • 5+ years of expertise
  • Free consultations and project estimate
  • Tailored approach to your needs
  • Limitless resource scalability
  • Risk mitigation plans and data protection
Invigor Medical

Invigor Medical

Invigor Medical

A Patient Management System for Canadian clinic and hearing care professionals (enabled patients and documents management and implemented appointment booking process for off-line and on-line consulting).

Tech Stack


Team Size

10 people in a team

Project Duration

1.5 years

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Healthcare systems

Medical Hardware Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical providers and manufacturers

Who We Serve

Our team can work with various businesses that need digital solutions in healthcare industry

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